Like most tech vendors you probably already use a marketing automation platform. But, again like most tech vendors, you’re finding it isn’t the silver bullet for all your marketing woes. When we do a marketing automation audit for our clients, we find that they are generally getting 20% of the return they should be from what is, let’s face it, an expensive marketing tool. We fix this by either:

  • Setting up your Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) and CRM properly and teaching your team how to use them effectively
  • Or running end to end inbound campaigns either on your existing platform or on one of ours. This is called Inbound Marketing as a Service or iMaaS for short. New Call-to-action



Five reasons companies struggle with Inbound Marketing

  1. No one understands how marketing automation fits into the end to end inbound lead generation process
  2. The data the platform is using is very poor
  3. The software is too complex so IT run it on behalf of marketing
  4. The MAP is not synced properly with CRM (Salesforce)
  5. The marketing team doesn’t have the skill set for inbound marketing

We have the best MAP consultants in Europe

If any of these 5 issues apply to you we can help. First download our eBook "The Five Biggest Challengesof Digital Transformation for Marketing" or fill out the contact form.

We have a team of marketing automation experts who have lead best practice programmes at Vodafone, Motorola, Telefonica O2, Alcatel Lucent Enterprise and Plantronics. We are platform agnostic so whether you have Eloqua, Marketo, Pardot or HubSpot we can help.

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Platform Agnostic

Martrain experts utilise a wide range of software and platforms


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Marketing Automation Audit

Tech vendors tend to be early adopters of marketing automation. But it is complicated software and often doesn’t produce the results they expect for the cost.

To help them get value form the system Martrain initially carries out an audit to measure how well the marketing automation platform is used and how well it is integrated into other platforms like CRM and the website.

We do this by collating and analysing the activity within the marketing automation platform and CRM. We also interview the key contacts from marketing and sales.

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We then produce an audit of:

  • How well the client currently use existing tools and solutions compared with industry best practice KPI’s
  • The key gaps in capabilities i.e. where clients fall below the above KPI’s
  • A set of actionable recommendations to enable the client to reach and exceed above KPI’s
  • Recommendations workshop
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